About Us

Universal Training Directory (UTD) is your guide to personal, academic, and professional development.

Headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, UTD aims to provide its clients with comprehensive details about the best training institutions and certifications that will advance individuals and companies, distinguishing them in all competitive markets.
Universal Training Directory is part of "International Gate Promotion" specialized in the promotion of various products.

UTD not only offers you a regional directory of all institutes, traineeships, and certifications available, but works hand in hand with you to give you the most suitable training opportunities that will tackle your specific needs.

Our Mission

Among our fundamental principles is to think beyond traditional training. We work on providing our clients with the widest range of excellent training services and options that will support those who are interested in training and development.

• Credibility.
• Quality.
• Competitiveness.
• Responsiveness.

• Training providers (universities, institutes & training centers etc).
• Freelance trainers.
• Venue providers (hotels, halls, laboratories etc).
• Printing companies.
• Catering companies.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the heart of the training industry by connecting people to all their training necessities.

1. We promote training providers (universities, institutes, centers …).

2. We promote freelance (independent), professional & internationally accredited trainers.

3. We promote venue providers (high quality training rooms, labs, halls …).

4. We promote printing agencies (production of handouts, roll up, background).

5. We promote catering companies (restaurants and meals - refreshments).

6. We provide online course booking.

7. We provide online freelance trainers booking.

8. We provide online venue booking.

9. We present available courses provided by freelance trainers and training institutes at very reasonable prices.

10. We offer exclusive deals and special offers in our Universal Training Directory, giving you the most recent and distinctive programs.

• Individuals looking for training opportunities.

• Establishments, civil enterprises and government entities.

• Universities, institutes and training centers.

• Freelance trainers.